Q&A about me


Duk godek-godek blog orang , tetiba jumpa satu enri pasal "Get To Know Me" ni. Looks interesting lah. So , aku rajinkanlah diri untuk typing satu entri pasal diri aku ni. Jom kenal aku lebih lagi. Scroll bawah gais , okay?

1. Name
- Call me Sharifah / Shafuhan / Najmi (ops ini mmg nama aku waktu kecik :P).

2. Age
- Unofficially 22 (coz birthfday hari ke-365).

3. Bestfriend/s
- Achik since 2006 , Eifah since 2006 , Ida since 2005 , Nadiy since 2010. Depa ni top bestfriend akula coz aku selesa nak kongsi cerita-cintung kat depa. Last , Syamila since 2002 but i lost contact with her since i attend high school. 

4. Relationship Status
- Single (i'm not interested in love actually , cannot get romance bruh!)

5. Piercing You Have
- Actually , i had but now none.

6. Piercing You Want
- Tak rasa nak , lagi.

7. Favourite Blog
- Blog kisah kembara , life , memori & ilmu (just a bit).

8. The Meaning Behind My URL
- Its just a short-term from my long name HAHAHA!

9. Favourite Band At The Moment
- Be2ast & BangtanBoys. Just these two , although i listening to other bands too. And i'm not fanatic kpopers , okay? Just loving their musics and language.

10. Favourite Movie
- Not sure because i'm not too reacted to movie :D.

11. Place/s You Want To Travel
- Makkah & Madinah , China , Korea , Mesir.

12. Thing/s You Want To Do 
- Photography , learning piano , graphic designs , sports , hangout with my sisters & comehome Malaysia next year (insyaAllah)/

13. A Fact About My Personality.
- An introvert person & Unknown personality. 

14. What I Hate About Myself
- Tak pandai nak luah rasa marah kat kawan rapat , lagi suka pendam dalam-dalam. I hate myself like that , coz its hurt more & more.

15. What I Love About Myself
- Patient. (really?) Independent. Genius. My height and eyebrow (haha). 

16. What I Want To Be When I’m Older
- Maybe i died before that time?

17. Idea Of The Perfect Date
- Not interested at all. 

18. Thing/s I Hate Most
- First thing ; Nyamuk oohh tolonglah kalau time tidur tu dia mai ganggu. Next lalat & cicak huhhhh~

19. Weakness
- Lack of confidence , do not care about other matters , often over-thinking ‘bout small matters , and lack of common senses (sometime). 

20. Phobia
- Transphobia : takut kilat petir guruh.

21. What I Hate Most About School
- Program kepimpinan yang banyak slot ragging , mhuahuahua. People gossiping between girl and boy. urgghhh!

22. Things I Find Attractive In Guys
- Sabar tinggi. Jaga pandangan. Kuat belajar. 

23. Biggest Turn On
- Not sure bebeh. But surely his height must be higher than me HAHAHA! Others , he must handsome , intelligence and soleh person but not too syadidla.  

24. Biggest Turn Off
A baby face guy , muscle guy (fanatic gym guy) , smoker , playboy and such a bad guy.

25. A Random Fact I Know
- Menangis boleh buat kau kuat.

26. A Quote I Love My Life On
- Jangan kamu putus asa akan rahmat Allah - ayat.

27. Something I Need To Get Off My Chest
- My fear of my self.

28. A Description About The Person I Hate And Why I Hate Them
- Cakap besar tapi kerja tak buat. Si pengotor. Cakap lepas tak fikir perasaan orang. Suka label-melabel itu ini.  Orang yang suka pilih kasih. Last, an emotional person 24/7. 

29. The Last Time I Cried And Why
- A month ago cause i miss my mom , my dad and my family at Malaysia :'(.

30. Looks Or Personality- Why?
- Personality. Rupa tak penting , adab akhlak lagi penting. Sebab tu kawan-kawan aku pun dari kecik sampai besar takdalah semua top beauty belaka. Yang lebih kurang cam aku ja ramai but i can approve them sebab tak amik kisah pun kau cantik ka hudoh asal kau ada akhlak. Chil~

Ok, Habis dah sesi soal jawab. Best jugak main menda ni boleh tahu personaliti diri sendiri and orang lain pun boleh tahu sama. Kan? Chow lu.


  1. Wowww now I know a little bit about you sis.
    and I think that will be more interesting if you tag some bloggers to answer the same questions and blog! hehe ❤

    1. hehe tak tahu senarnya nak tag sapa. thanks reading this sis. ♥

  2. Oh baru saya tahu a little bit tentang sis :) And I see Beast and BTS there hihi.

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  4. nice sharing dear :) ceri pun terasa nak buat jugak bila ade mase nanti :)

  5. Menarik entri ni. Kadang-kadang terjah blog tapi tak tahu sangat siapa ownernya.. Nice sharing.. Now dah tahu pasal diri ceri. Banyak jugak soalan tu nak jawab :)

    1. kann? blog ni identiti tersembunyi sikit. hihi, ha'aa jenuh duk fikir ape jawapann haha