Formatting my phone

Hai guys, i just erasing data on my phone cause its started to stuck again at logo. Actually this is second case of my phone got stuck and do not want to turn on, ughh stress. So, i have to format all data (so sad that i lost all my data on phone) but its okay as long i can use it just for 4 months before coming back to Malaysia. 

So, this is how i formating my phone Lenovo S860i :-
[WARNING! All data will be lost at this stage]

1. Press Volume up + volume down + power buttons for a while.
2. Then, release all buttons when a logo shows up.
3. Main Menu will appear here, then choose english language.
4. Select Wipe Data User > Format Data > Yes 
5. Back to Main Menu, select reboot and wait for it to be processing. 
6. Done! You may use your phone as always. 

Well, i dont use back up software cause i dont know how to. Now, my phone just like comeback from death, haha so clear from anything. But I'm relieved it can be used again, at least i dont have to buy any gadget here. See ya~


  1. kadang lebih rela tak nak format dari kena format. haha
    nak buat macam mana kan. kena format juga xD

    oh ya, mcm mana nak design blog simple macam ni. haha

    1. yeahh betul sgt tu, mmg sayang nak format tapi terpaksa kurelakannn ~ haha