Study Habits Questionnaire

On 100th post, today i got an idea about tags, and the topic about Study Habits Questionnaire. Well, this tags openly and specially to all highschoolers or collegers or graduaters too. So i tag all readers to do this too. Check it out mine below~

#What time you start studying and how long? 

Directly after maghrib's time cause it is time which i mostly can concentrating and memorizing quickly. And i just finishing study when a call for Isyak coming. So it takes just about 1 hour - 2 hours for me to study. Another time is no for me. Except when i was in high school, usually i wake up early in the morning to study. 

#Do you stay up all nights for study?
No and never. 

#Any favorite place or port while you study? 
Of course my bed, haha. Sometimes on my study table but mostly on my bed; i just couldn't stay apart from my bed. Its my personal room to me. 

#Do you listen to music or not? 
Barely i do, mostly i like studying or learning in a calm and quiet atmosphere.

#Do you start from front page or back page of book? 
I do not skip any pages or chapter  of book while studying. I had a friend who likes to study from a back pages, haha its a bit weird to me.

#Do you study all of section or just the important section? 
Mostly i study all of it, not just focusing on the important notes or section cause a question in the exam paper sometimes about a things that you did not expected it to out. Am i right? XD 

#Do you highlight your textbooks? 
Depend on books, if it from photostat book, i usually do highlight on it, instead if from a book or kitab, i will not do that cause i treasure it more.

#Prefer studying with a book or you like making small notes which can be carried everywhere? 
A book and barely i did a small notes cause i too lazy to do it also because i like to study almost the whole of book instead just the important section. 

#Will you memorize all chapters or not? 
When i was in highschool i will memorize almost whole section on book. But now (as a college student) i most comfortable with studying and understanding without have to memorize it at all. 

#What method you have for a smart study? 
If you wanna memorize a word quickly just get used to do note minds on every subject you study. 

#How you got your motivation to study? 
My marks and results, sometimes its goes down so i have to make sure it will goes up on the next trial or test. So that makes me want to study more hardest than usual. 

#Do you decorate your study table? If do, how? 
Yes i do at home and i just decorate it on a simple way although i do have an ideas to decorate it more soon. 

#What most important things you must have on it?
Well, my pens box, a laptop, a few of book, a notes on wall, my daily book, calendar & photos frame. 

Overall i think my study habits not too hard but almost on smart way and not too badla. 
So, do you a studios? How? Lemme know too about it, 😁


  1. waahh lenne nak try jugaklah study habits questionnaire ni :D

    Lenne Zulkiflly

    1. yeaa, nanti nak singgah bace yg awak punye lak =)

  2. i do study from the backpage of the book sometimes because ... lol, i don't even know XD

    gotta try this one too :D

    1. wht? haha, takpa masing2 punya cara tersendiri kan asal selesa,

      buatlah nnti kite singgah bace =D

  3. Shaf! Mai dah jawab, hahaha.

    1. wowwww laju nya mai, yea, kite dah singgah bace.
      thank you very muchhhh =)

  4. tak pernah stay up all nights for study dan study atas katil ye shaf. Wow! Kalau siqah study atas katil, lama-lama buku tengok siqah. Hahaha.

    Nice Q&A. Nak kena ingat balik study habits sebab dah lama tinggal. Hihi

    1. hehe, ramaii jgk kwn2 pelik dgn habit sy yg suka study atas katil ni tp mmg dah cmtu sejak sekolah menengah, org study kat kelas, sy tak boleh hilang fokus. hahaha. lagi satu klu study kat katil ni, ngantuk atau letih ka boleh terus baring2 kan diri. hahaha, bad habits for study ni. =D

      orait, nnti sy singgah bace akak punye lakkkkk.

    2. Akak dah buat tag ni :D

  5. jarang tak tidur malam semata2 nak study. hahahha. coz i need enough sleep. selalunya kalau tidur malam, pepagi lepas subuh sambung study dan revision :) banyak point yg hampir sama ngan BV punya habit :D

    1. kan mmg jenis sy pon kena cuku tidur klu tak lg terukk fokus nnti exam. yeahhh BV :)

  6. wahh kat sini pgasasnya rupanya... ok Unni pun nak buat :)

  7. I'm too lazy to write notes as well haha. I'll try to understand it thoroughly and usually I can recall which notes from where so if I got confused, I just open the book back. Reading from my own notes didnt really work for me.

    1. Hehehe samola shaf sgt tak suka buat nota, prefer baca buku langsung je.

  8. wahh nice nanati saya buat ye post tentang study habits ni
    jemputlah singgah di

  9. have done do this post feel free to read my post

    1. Yeah thankyou Najihah, done read awak punya, nice ! 😉😊