Update on Blue Sky Tag

Hello everybody! Here i am feeling so excited because i was tagged by someone, (first time di tag memang macam ni 😝). I was tagged in the Blue Sky Tag segment which most popular tag this month, i think. Even i am not interested at first but this is an honour to me being tagged by someone.

- Thank the person who tagged you
- Answer their 11 questions
- Tag 11 people
- Give them 11 questions to answer

First : i would like to thank to Miss Farah for tagging me in her post. THANK YOU VERY MUCH 😘. Here an answer from me.

1. How do you start a conversation?
A must thing i do is : Assalamualaikum. How are you? Sorry if i disturbing you. That was an intro of my conversation on text usually rather with my friend or any stranger. And i do not like anyone who just start a conversation without it. Such a rude to me.

2. Best compliment you've received?
Hmm, i think its being a long time since i received a compliment, i mean; the best compliment so i dont have any.

3. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
Photo of my drawing book. Just took it this afternoon after doing some sketching.

4. What was the last lie you told?
My brother ask me what food i am being cooking (meanwhile at that time i cooks Puding Roti Kukus). But i lied to him i told him that i fried some egg and just finish eating it. And, he fell for it sorry bro. 

5. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and why?
A body of korean guy, HAHAHA (its so weird), maybe i am such a tomboyish girl so anything about boys fashions, i was like; It so freaking glamourous! About Korean Fashion too, everyone knew it is on the top & most fashionable styles, right? That's why i crazy for it. 😆

Simple casual outfits yang paling aku suka, haha. 

6. What cheers you up?
A music and a food and an art.

7. Who is your hero?
My dad. Forever he is my only hero, my inspiration. 😊

8. What have you always wanted?
Travelling to Korea, eating korean foods and have my own products. 

9. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
Ahh! It a holiday because Terengganu is celebrating Hari Keputeraan ke- 54 DYMM AL-WATHIQUBILLAH SULTAN MIZAN ZAINAL ABIDIN.

10. What question do you hate to answer?
When you wanna go to bla bla bla? When you wanna do bla bla bla? When we can meet?

11. What is your biggest fear?
People. I fear of being a center attention from people (cause i was like that long time ago) and its the hardest time for me to adapt that situation untill now cause i am type of person whom do not like any attention, mostly like an introvert person.

Lastly : can i break the rules of number #3 and #4? Cause i am too lazy right  now to create a question and to find anybody else to do my tag, my brain just on buffering right now (do forgive me 🙇). So i am doing this tag as  my honour and my thanks to Miss Farah for tagging me. Big Thanks again, hope you enjoy my answer yang entah pape ni 😀.

Update on Blue Sky Tag by Kaella & Faten  

#Tagged by Kaella, thankyou so much tagging me, so this is my answers to your questions,

1- What is the most bad things you’ve ever did ?
Haha, i dont really know what bad thing i did. Or maybe i don't want to re-memoir it.

2- Baking or cooking ?
I love both, cause i like cooking.

3- If you have rm100000 in your bank account, what would you do with that money ?
Of course travel! Bawak mak ayah pergi haji, bukak bisness sendiri. Heavennyaaaa.

4- If you see someone sitting in the walking road, asking for money, did you give them money ?
Depends jugak sebab pernah kena tipu sebab tulah langkah jaga-jaga tu selalu kena ada.

5- What would you do if stranger say “hi assalammualaikum” to you ?
I will run away from him hahahaha if he is  a boy, kalau perempuan tak kesah la nak cakap pape pon kan. But kena hati-hati jugak sekarang zaman orang pukau-pukau do.

6- Who is the most important person in your life ?
Dad & Mom, tak boleh bayang hidup aku without mereka, seriously!

7- Who is the lucky women / man did you call everyday ?
Takda la sebab jenis tak suka call orang even with my best friend haha.

8- What kind of selfie you did last time ?
Haha no need to explain this.

9- What is the most wish list you made that come true ?
Hmm, boleh praktik lukisan aku? 😎

10- Watching movie in cinema or shopping ?
Shopping! sebab aku bukanlah kaki movie, jejak ke cinema pun tak pernah 😆.

11- What is the first thought when you first blogwalking to my blog ?
I like your blog, very so much like me la, hehe.

#Tagged by Faten, thankyou so much tagging me, so this is my answers to your questions,

1. Do you have anything in particular that you want to achieve this Ramadhan?
Takda kot hahaha sebab jenis yang susah nak consistent.

2. Song(s) that you would recommend to anyone at this moment. 
Korean songs of the group band Oh My Girl, really feel fresh & bright plus their vocals very on the point with their every songs. 

3. Have anyone told you something about yourself that you found ridiculous? Mind sharing?
'Aku ingat lelaki mana tadi masuk rumah aku', haha selalu kena sound camni weh disebabkan faktor ketinggian aku yang mencecah 168cm ni, aigooo saborr jelahh. 

4. What is your current addiction? Why? 
I think i start to addicted to drawing & doodling, haha i dont know why maybe because i love create them, you should visit this post & this. But recently i too lazy to create them, haha.

5. Have you ever make a prank? Tell me about it. 
Nope because i dont really like any prank.

6. Piano or guitar? 
I love both but i prefer piano because i love such like a smooth melody.

7. A quote you try to live on. 
Takda sebab kurang suka baca quote-quote hahaha. Just live on your feet.

8. Little things that you usually noticed but others did not? *creepy but swag* 
Soalan ni lebih kepada makhluk ghaib ke apa? Kalau betul, aku tak pernah ada pengalaman jumpa 'mereka'.

9. Do you pay attention more to the lyric or the melody? 
Of course melody, aku tak terlalu fokus kepada lirik but  aku bukak jugak translate utk lagu-lagu foreigner yang aku dengar.

10. A picture that describes your emotion at this moment. 
11. Something which have been lingered around your mind for the past few days. 
My self-confidence problem.

Thanks to Kaella & Faten again for this tag, dan maaf terkurang dalam menjawab soalan kalian, maaf jugak kalau ada kesalah fahaman aku terhadap soalan kalian hehe. Enjoy je eh!


  1. Body hero korea tuuuu tak menahan, hahaha... Best2 pula soalan Farah ni :D

    1. haha, body korean girl pun i nak asal budak korea, :P

  2. hi there, I've went through your answers and from there I can tell you're a kpoper, aren't you? :P thanks for spending your time on this tag <3

    1. haha a kpoper? I think i am not because i aint too obsessed with korean pop artist, but i like their culture, their genre of music, even so i am not a fan to any group or band kpop, so maybe just 30% of me as a kpoper? hahaha

  3. lawanya lukisan 😙
    pernah jugak teringin nak jadi lelaki lol

    1. itu lukisan buku rasya,
      hihi selalu nak jadi lelaki dr kecik lg.

  4. Lukisan kat buku tu lawa! Nanti share pula sketch yang Shaf buat eh. Teruja nak tengok :)

    Body artis Korea tu. Haha. Siqah pun nak jugak body artis wanita Korea. Geram je tengok semua slim. Haha. Dan betullah cakap Shaf, orang Korea fashionista kan 😍

    Jom Shaf, travel Korea sekali next year 😊

    1. hihi nanti-nanti bila dah pro sikit kak, skrg malu gila nak tunjuk burukkkkk :P

      HAHAHA semuo tekejut kan, tp mmg itulah angan2 dongeng shaf, part slim tu kak bukan stkt pompuan laki pun lg slim, iyyapp suka tgk fashion diorg yg simple pun boleh nampak lawaaaaa. :')

      Ada rezekiiii kita pi kak. hihi

  5. pandainya shaf lukis, saya setakat lukis gambar rumah yang macam tiang tu, bolehlah hehe.